Non ND Brewery – Annual Membership


Non ND Brewery – Annual Membership

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In 2023, the North Dakota Brewers Guild celebrated our 10-year anniversary! The NDBG has represented the craft brewers in North Dakota at the federal, state and local levels through sound policies and public awareness events, and supports local craft brewers, locally grown grain products and local communities. We’ve worked hard the past few
legislative sessions to streamline the Century Code and improve the business climate for the industry.

Accomplishments include:

  • Creating the Taproom License that allows for self-distribution
  • Allowing multiple locations under the taproom licensing and transfer between those locations
  • Streamlining the events process and doubling the number of events permitted
  • Allowing Contract Brewing

Has or will your brewery benefit from these efforts?  Your investment into the Guild strengthens the value-added agri-product of craft beverages in North Dakota. “From great grains comes great craft beer.” In 2024, we’re ramping up our brand, supporting our communities and working to bring more customers and awareness to our local breweries. We hope you join us as a Non ND Brewery Member to support the industry and help #BuildTheGuild.


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